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Do You Want to Feel More Connected to Who You Are and What You Want Right Now?

We all go through times when we’re not feeling so great. What we hoped would work out, has not. Our relationships feel frustrating more than they feel happy. We feel sad, angry, anxious, or stuck in the thought about the past. We struggle for and against change, depending on the circumstances. Old patterns are often hard to break, and these habits may now be holding us back.

Navigating the demands of modern life can be an exhausting, lonely, and stressful experience for many women. It may be that you’re struggling with a significant change in your life, such as a career transition, your children growing older, or strain in an important relationship. You might be facing health concerns, menopause, or other physical changes that make you feel alienated from your body and worried about your future. It may seem as though many facets of your life are competing for your attention, and you can’t find relief from racing thoughts or the constant weight on your shoulders. You may find yourself feeling stuck, stagnant and unfulfilled, cycling through your days without any real sense of where you are headed.

Many Women Are Overwhelmed

When you’re having personal chaos related to unmet needs, wants, or plans, it doesn’t mean something is “wrong.” Instead, it is an indication that you’ve arrived at the beginning of a growth cycle and are ready to create change. What once worked is no longer effective or providing you with a regular dose of happiness; it may just be an invitation to grow in self-awareness. Ask yourself new questions, explore the way you think about your life today to see if you want to develop new ways of being.

Start a “growing yourself plan” related to self-awareness and personal development strategies.

And remember, dissatisfaction is a sign that you are ready to make different decisions, and you have the inner motivation to think about taking positive steps and congruent action in your life.

Positive-Focused, Effective, and Evidence-Based Treatment Will Help You:  

  • Feel Empowered 
  • Develop More Confidence
  • Advocate for Yourself
  • Make Decisions with You in Mind
  • Break Ineffective Patterns
  • Enjoy Your Relationships
  • Love Yourself Strongly
  • Take Care of Your Body, Mind, and Soul
  • Re-Discover Yourself
  • Overcome Anxiety 
  • Move Away From Depression
  • Cultivate Authentic Happiness 
  • Experience Well-Being in Your Daily Life

My Therapy Style

During counseling for women sessions, I can also help you develop and practice effective communication skills that you can use to express yourself with clarity and self-assurance. As you develop the skills and confidence needed to ask for what you want, you can let go of feeling stuck and wishing for things to be different. And, importantly, you can feel empowered to advocate for yourself and make time for self-care before anger, resentment, stress, or other painful emotions become overwhelming.

No matter what is going on in your life or how many responsibilities you are balancing, you have the inner knowing to create the life you want. You, your career, relationships, home, wellness, personal health, and spirit all matter.

You may believe that therapy for women can help you get in touch with who you are, but still have concerns.

“Even if I change, my life won’t really change.”

While it’s true that you cannot change your coworkers, partner, children, extended family members, or friends, you can shift your internal perception. If you question whether your life can change for the better, I encourage you to come to see me. In sessions, we can address complicated feelings and work to identify their sources. We can explore the factors contributing to your belief that a fulfilling and connected life is out of your reach. I can help you reframe your internal conversation into one that supports what you genuinely want to cultivate in your life. You are not broken or doomed to feel stuck. Change is possible, and you are worth it.

“I’m afraid that if I start advocating for myself, there will be conflict.”

If you are all too familiar with putting others first, likely, you don’t know how to advocate for your needs without feeling guilty, stuck, or angry. During counseling for women, I can help you push away the fear that taking time for yourself will make others angry. With help and guidance, you can develop the negotiating skills you need to establish healthy boundaries and say “no” or “not now” when you need time for yourself. And, by taking that time for self-care, you can reduce feelings of overwhelm and anger, making conflict and fighting less likely because you have given yourself a break.

With Counseling for Women, You Can Create Your Best Plan

It is possible to live with greater ease and fulfillment. I invite you to give me a call at 714-783-8500 or contact me for a free 20-minute consultation. I am happy to answer any questions you have about self-care counseling, transition in life counseling, women’s counseling, and my practice.