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Are You Ready to Create Positive Change in Your Relationship?

Real Help for Your Relationship

Do you feel like, as partners, you don’t have fun together or even enjoy each other’s company any longer? Is the increased disconnection, strain, and silence have you believing you are living with a roommate, rather than the partner in which you fell in love? Are you exhausted from the chronic and unresolvable arguments related to finances, sex, time together/time apart, parenting, household chores, or other challenges that seem to be void of a resolution? Worse yet, do you often feel like a new fight is simmering just under the surface?

Facing relationship challenges can be a confusing, overwhelming, and disheartening experience. There may be several reasons that have caused you to experience increased relationship strain. Common challenges include a significant life event (new baby, blending of families, or a child leaving home), relocation, death of a loved one, disagreement over new life goals, health problems or chronic illness, or a struggle with many forms of addiction. Your relationship may have suffered from a breach of trust (affair), leaving one or both of you feeling betrayed, angry, and uncertain about your future together.

Most Couples Face Challenges

If you are feeling distressed and unsure about your future together, you are not alone. When couples first meet, they often enjoy a rush of new energy, attraction, and excitement. While this honeymoon stage can be blissful, it’s usually not sustainable.

Struggling does not mean that there is anything wrong with you or that your relationship is doomed to fail. Life IS chaotic, and when other opportunities, interests, and obligations arise, it’s often not possible to give as much attention to your relationship as you did when you first met.

Couples naturally move through many different chapters of life together, with some requiring each partner or both partners to shift attention to other areas of importance.

Relationships are similar to an accordion. As life ebbs and flows, couples grow together, pull apart, and then work towards coming back together again. However, sometimes this pattern is interrupted, and a couple finds it difficult to come back together again.

With the help of a skilled, experienced couples’ counselor, I will help you develop the greater self-awareness and couple-awareness tools you need to come back together and rebuild a solid foundation for your future.

Grow Together, Not Apart

Treatment becomes effective when you apply this new knowledge and skills to discontinue ineffective ways of relating. Through couples therapy, you and your partner can see each other through a more positive lens, resolve conflict, rebuild your bond, and reignite the passion and love once shared.

I offer guidance, support, and practical strategies to help you shift your primary thoughts away from negativity, conflicts, and hurt, also to see areas where your relationship works and keeps you together. I can help you identify the relationship patterns keeping you stuck, get to the issues at the root of your disconnection, and develop positive-focused and solution-based strategies to create lasting and positive change.

In addition to Solution-Focused Brief Therapy, I utilize empirically validated couple treatment methods from Positive Psychology, Emotionally-Focused Couples Therapy, and the Gottman Method. Psychologists who provide evidence-based treatment do not stick with one theoretical orientation and adapt their approach to ensure that they are following the best evidence—both clinical and research. I will draw on my extensive experience and skills to create a treatment plan that best suits you and your partner’s personalities, needs, and shared relationship dynamic.

I will respect each of you as individuals – without taking sides or assigning blame – while also working to support your growth as a couple. As we address your challenges, we will further look at areas related to your existing strengths, positive relating, and factors of individual well-being. Often, during periods of conflict and strain, couples feel overwhelmed by the negative cycle and lose sight of the positive aspect of relating between them.

As you nurture the strengths in your relationship, positive interactions, and build resiliency and connection, you can replace old, unproductive patterns with different ways of expressing your needs and desired outcomes. It is possible to recreate your relationship guided by mutual kindness, love, trust, and respect.

Together, we can tackle the following:

  • Communicate More Effectively Each Other
  • Stop Fighting and Seek Understanding
  • Negotiate Instead of Compromise
  • Regain Your Deeper Emotional Connection
  • Increase Positive Emotions
  • Repair Your Sexual Relationship
  • Rebuild Trust, Emotional Safety, and Security After Infidelity
  • Resolve Perpetual Problems
  • Parent as a Team (Instead of as a Judge and Sheriff)
  • Blend Your Family
  • Support, Love, and Respect Each Other
  • Create or Re-envision a Life of Shared Meaning and Purpose
  • Enjoy Each Other Once Again

I Provide Evidence-Based Couples Counseling that is Positive, Productive, and Effective

I invite you to give me a call at 714-783-8500 or contact me for a free 20-minute consultation. I am happy to answer any questions you have about marriage counseling, couples counseling, and my practice.